servant of Morgoth

Why is Sauron called “servant of Morgoth”? Is this done to mock him?

It is indeed to mock him, but not in the way that you think.

Calling him a servant of Morgoth is simply an accurate statement

and Sauron himself would not dispute that’s what he was, but he would bristle greatly at his master being referred to as “Morgoth” as that was not his name, but rather a mocking title the elves gave to Melkor.

The elves called Melkor “Morgoth” as disrespect, and refused to use his true name, much as they called Mairon “Sauron”. The original names of Sauron and Morgoth were important, as names all have meanings, Mairon is “The Admirable” and “Melkor” is “Arises in Might” These became Sauron “The Abhorred” and Morgoth “Dark Tyrant

Neither Sauron nor Morgoth were fond of these titles, and certainly would not be happy that anyone referred to the other as such.

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