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“In Target Number One, an investigative reporter uncovers the truth behind a heroin bust orchestrated by corrupt cops to frame an innocent man. The film is set in Austin, Texas and follows the reporter’s journey as he fights to expose the twisted conspiracy, which resulted in the innocent man being sentenced to life in a Thai prison.

With an IMDb rating of 6. 2/10 and a Rotten Tomatoes score of 70%, Target Number One offers a gripping and suspenseful story based on real events. Starring Josh Hartnett, Antoine Olivier Pilon, and Amanda Crew, the film delivers a captivating portrayal of the determination and conscience needed to uncover the truth.

Target Number One: Uncovering the Twisted Truth


The True Story Behind ‘target Number One’

‘Target Number One’ is a gripping crime drama that exposes the twisted truth behind a heroin bust orchestrated by corrupt cops to frame an innocent man, sentencing him to life in a Thai prison. The movie is based on a true story that sheds light on the harrowing experiences of Alain Olivier, the man wrongfully accused, and the determined investigative reporter, Victor Malarek, who fought relentlessly to uncover the truth.

Alain Olivier’s Eight Years In A Thai Prison

Alain Olivier’s life took a tragic turn when he found himself at the center of a drug bust gone wrong. Wrongfully accused and convicted, he was sentenced to eight grueling years in a Thai prison. Olivier endured unimaginable hardships and faced the constant threat of violence while incarcerated. It was a dark and lonely period in his life, and his hopes for justice seemed bleak.

Investigative Reporter Victor Malarek’s Determination

Amidst the desperation and injustice, investigative reporter Victor Malarek emerged as a beacon of hope for Alain Olivier. Malarek’s unyielding determination to uncover the truth drove him to tirelessly investigate the corrupt cops responsible for Oliver’s wrongful conviction. Despite facing countless challenges and threats, Malarek refused to back down, steadfast in his pursuit of justice.

Malarek’s journey to expose the twisted truth behind ‘Target Number One’ showcases the power of investigative journalism and its ability to shed light on the darkest corners of society. His work not only freed Alain Olivier from his unjust imprisonment but also exposed the systemic corruption that allowed such a miscarriage of justice to occur.

In conclusion, ‘Target Number One’ serves as a testament to the strength of the human spirit and the tireless determination of those who fight for justice. The true story behind the movie is a harrowing tale of innocence, corruption, and the power of truth. It stands as a reminder that even in the face of adversity, fighting for what’s right can change lives and bring about much-needed reform.

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 Target Number One

Plot And Production Of ‘target Number One’

An investigative reporter in Target Number One fights to uncover the twisted truth behind a heroin bust that resulted in an innocent man being framed and sentenced to life in a Thai prison. The film portrays the gripping real-life story of corruption and injustice.


The plot of ‘Target Number One’ revolves around an investigative reporter, Victor Malarek, who becomes determined to expose the truth behind a heroin bust orchestrated by corrupt police officers. The bust falsely frames an innocent man, Daniel Léger, leading to his conviction and life sentence in a Thai prison.

Cast And Crew

The movie ‘Target Number One’ is directed by Daniel Roby and produced by Seville Pictures. It features a talented cast, including:

Josh Hartnett as Victor Malarek, the investigative reporter
Antoine Olivier Pilon as Daniel Léger, the innocent man framed by the police
Amanda Crew as Anna Malarek, Victor’s wife
Jim Gaffigan as Glen Picker, a key character in the investigation
Rose-Marie Perreault as Mary, a supporting character
Mark Camacho as Don More


The movie ‘Target Number One’ has received mixed reviews from both critics and audiences. On IMDb, it has a rating of 6.2/10. Rotten Tomatoes gives it a score of 70%, indicating generally positive reviews. Metacritic rates it at 62/100.

Despite its polarizing reception, ‘Target Number One’ has garnered praise for its intense storytelling, solid performances, and gripping depiction of real-life events.

Watch the official trailer of ‘Target Number One’ below:

Reviews And Impact Of ‘target Number One’

‘Target Number One’ has garnered attention and critical acclaim, leaving an impact on both audiences and reviewers alike. Let’s take a look at some of the notable reviews from different platforms.

Review: provides a comprehensive movie review of ‘Target Number One’, delving into the compelling storyline and captivating performances. The article highlights the true story behind the film, shedding light on the injustice faced by the protagonist, Daniel Léger. With an emphasis on the determination of investigative journalist Victor Malarek, praises the movie for its gripping narrative and commendable acting.

Review: Imdb

A visit to IMDb reveals a diverse range of reviews for ‘Target Number One’. While opinions may vary, the overall rating of 6.2/10 showcases the movie’s ability to captivate audiences. The user reviews on IMDb give insight into the film’s impact, highlighting the portrayal of the true story and the performances of the cast. The varied perspectives on IMDb provide a glimpse into how the movie has resonated with different viewers.

Review: The Guardian

When it comes to reputable sources, The Guardian provides an insightful review of ‘Target Number One’. The article discusses the film’s depiction of corruption within the justice system and praises the performances of the cast, particularly Josh Hartnett as Victor Malarek. The review emphasizes the film’s ability to shed light on real-life events and captivate audiences with its intensity.

Review: Apple Tv

Apple TV also showcases reviews from users who have watched ‘Target Number One’. The platform offers a diverse range of opinions, highlighting the impact of the film on different individuals. From the gripping plot to the exceptional performances, the reviews on Apple TV reflect the overall impression of the movie.

Overall, ‘Target Number One’ has left a lasting impact on audiences and reviewers alike. Its compelling storyline, remarkable performances, and portrayal of a true story have made it an engaging and thought-provoking film that is worth watching.

Target Number One
Target Number One


Frequently Asked Questions On Target Number One

Is Target Number One Based On A True Story?

Yes, Target Number One is based on a true story. The movie is inspired by the real-life story of Alain Olivier, who was wrongfully imprisoned in Thailand due to fake charges. An investigative reporter, Victor Malarek, fights to uncover the truth behind the heroin bust orchestrated by corrupt cops.

What Is The True Story Behind The Movie Most Wanted?

Target Number One is based on the true story of Alain Olivier, who spent eight years in a Thai prison due to fake charges. The movie follows investigative reporter Victor Malarek’s journey to uncover the truth and help free Daniel Leger, an innocent man involved in a bad drug deal.

Some scenes in the film were fictionalized for dramatic purposes.

Is Target Number One Based On A True Story?

Target Number One is inspired by a true story. It portrays the incredible journey of Alain Olivier, who was framed by dirty cops and sentenced to life in a Thai prison. The movie explores the perseverance of an investigative reporter determined to uncover the truth.

What Is The True Story Behind The Movie Most Wanted?

Most Wanted is based on a true story, with some fictionalized scenes for dramatic effect. Journalist Victor Malarek sets out to expose corrupt police officers in Canada and help free Daniel Leger, a former addict trapped in a Thai prison due to a botched drug deal.

It is a powerful story of justice and redemption.


In a world full of plots and twists, “Target Number One” uncovers the harrowing true story behind a heroin bust. This gripping crime drama takes viewers on a journey through corruption, betrayal, and the tireless pursuit of truth. As an investigative reporter fights to bring justice to an innocent man, the audience is left captivated by the entwined stories and the gritty reality of the criminal underworld.

Watch as the determination of one man unravels a web of deception, exposing the shocking depths of a conspiracy. “Target Number One” is a must-see thriller that offers both entertainment and a dose of reality.

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