Famous Horror Movie Lines, : Terrifying Quotes to Send Chills Down Your Spine

From “here’s johnny!” To “i see dead people,” famous horror movie lines have become iconic phrases that chill audiences to the bone.

These lines capture the essence of fear and evoke powerful emotions in viewers, becoming lasting cultural references. Whether it’s the menacing words of freddy krueger or the haunting whispers of the blair witch, these lines serve as chilling reminders of the terrifying world created by horror movies.

We will delve into some of the most famous horror movie lines and explore their impact on popular culture. Brace yourself for a journey through the dark and spine-tingling world of horror cinema.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Famous Horror Movie Lines,

What Are Some Famous Horror Movie Quotes?

Some of the most famous horror movie quotes include “here’s johnny!” From the shining and “i see dead people” from the sixth sense.

Which Horror Movie Quote Is Often Misquoted?

The misquoted horror movie line is “hello, clarice” instead of the correct line “good evening, clarice” from the silence of the lambs.

Are There Any Iconic Horror Movie Catchphrases?

Yes, iconic horror movie catchphrases include “they’re here!” From poltergeist and “it’s alive!” From frankenstein.

What Is The Origin Of The Phrase “I’Ll Be Back” In Horror Movies?

The famous phrase “i’ll be back” originated from the 1984 horror movie the terminator, spoken by arnold schwarzenegger’s character.

Which Horror Movie Quote Is Often Referenced In Pop Culture?

The horror movie quote “we all go a little mad sometimes” from psycho is often referenced in pop culture.

What Is The Most Chilling Horror Movie Quote?

The chilling horror movie quote “heeere’s johnny!” From the shining is widely regarded as one of the most chilling.

What Are Some Classic Horror Movie Quotes From The 70S And 80S?

Classic horror movie quotes from the 70s and 80s include “i see you” from halloween and “here’s johnny!” From the shining.

What Is The Most Iconic Line From A Nightmare On Elm Street?

The most iconic line from a nightmare on elm street is “one, two, freddy’s coming for you” which is sung throughout the film.

Which Horror Movie Quote Became A Cultural Phenomenon?

The horror movie quote “i see dead people” from the sixth sense became a cultural phenomenon and is often parodied.

What Is The Scariest Horror Movie Quote Of All Time?

The scariest horror movie quote of all time is arguably “they’re here!” From poltergeist, which creates an eerie sense of impending danger.


In the realm of horror movies, iconic lines have the power to captivate audiences and leave lasting impressions. From “here’s johnny!” In the shining to “i see dead people” in the sixth sense, these phrases have become entrenched in popular culture.

They not only convey the terror and suspense that define the genre, but also serve as a reminder of the impact these movies have had on our collective psyche. Whether it’s a spine-tingling warning or a bone-chilling proclamation, these lines have the ability to send shivers down our spines.

As horror movies continue to push boundaries and thrill audiences, we can expect more memorable lines to be etched into our memories. So prepare yourself for the next big scare – because in the world of horror movies, the words spoken onscreen can be just as chilling as the visuals themselves.

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